Amfiteatru Foundation runs projects and programs for a specialized audience, as well as for the general public.

We have gained relevant experience in several key areas: Culture and creative industries, tourism, health, human capital.


VIP superlatives and VIP awards
The VIP Superlatives and the VIP awards, together with the eponymous magazine of the VIP Superlatives Gala generated, over time, the event in which the competitiveness and performance achieved during the previous year in various fields are highlighted. They are preceded, on the same coordinates, by periodic events. Currently, the program runs under the motto “People of Change”.

National Tourism Photography Salon
The National Tourism Photography Salon promotes the talent and passion for photography, whether it is amateur or professional photographers. Launched in 2005, over 5,000 competitors have registered for the event over time with more than 60,000 photos, seen by at least 200,000 visitors (on site or online)

CALEIDO is a cultural platform on which intercultural dialogue is built between cultural and ethnic minorities in Romania.
The idea of ​​a multicultural festival appeared against the background of intolerance in Romania and Europe. The festival opens minds, paves the way for well-told stories. The Romanian theater is based on an ethnic heritage about which it sometimes has less information than it should and which should be better exposed to the general public.
( is a network of sites based on content and services that contribute to discovering the life of a local community. Moreover, in the context of the effects of globalization on the identities of communities, becomes an instrument aimed at preserving them.
We start from the certainty that each territorial community has something interesting to offer to the public: from the natural environment, to traditions and way of life. We approach in a creative way the natural and anthropic potential, in which we include along with the way of life, crafts, industries and traditional occupations but also the results of modernity, the relations of communities with the environment, unique natural resources, local products and services.
Thus, on you will find open doors to the hearts of those communities you care about – either because you are in their midst or because you want to get there. Here you can learn from the story of the street you live on or interviews, to the stories and experiences of small local producers.

Organized by the GlocalRO Cluster, Șofran is a cultural event based on the mix of culinary tastes and inter-ethnic music. We propose a unique format given by the combination of the most representative elements of the identities of an ethnic group: gastronomy and music.


Responsible tourism
The potential of Romanian tourism is the premise from which we started in formulating the following hypothesis: The development of this field can be achieved by practicing and promoting responsible tourism. Although worldwide the phrase “responsible tourism” is recognized and respected, in Romania, the concept is not found on the professional or public agenda, so volens-nolens, we are pioneers in promoting this approach.

Health tourism
The program was launched with the first edition of the International Forum for Health Tourism. Its purpose is to capitalize – through tourism – the anthropic and natural resources in Romania. Our country has a rich natural therapeutic potential, specialists and programs in the field but also internationally recognized traditions.

Cozy Romania
Cozy Romania is also a work and communication platform between local communities and foreign visitors. Cozy Romania celebrates Romania’s attractions and identities, from craftsmen to festivals, to gastronomy, urban regeneration and nature. The valorization and promotion in the new conditions, especially technological, of the local identities, experiences and products was a constant approach of the Amfiteatru Foundation. The Cozy Romania program also comes with international exposure and participation, being recognized and taken over by two of the most important communication platforms in the European Union: Tourism 4 Development 2017 and Cluster Collaboration. Thus, we managed to register a Romanian project in the circuit of the World Tourism Organization.

Essential Romania


Health Romania
The activities include conferences, scientific and professional publications, courses, and computer applications, attended by specialists, researchers, decision makers and more, to identify and apply coherent, accepted and achievable solutions in the field of quality management in health. We support access to valuable national expertise, in line with European and international trends.

Health tourism
We started from the reality that in Romania significant resources, specialists and investments in the field of health at the level of European and international standards and certifications.
The valorization of natural factors and mineral resources with therapeutic value represent prestigious traditions in our country. The international context is very favorable – health tourism is the segment of tourism with the highest growth worldwide in recent years. European Union legislation on cross-border healthcare clearly indicates that the healthcare tourism industry is expanding rapidly and is expected to continue to grow in the near future.

Amphitheater Conferences
The scientific program “Amphitheater Conferences” consists of organizing scientific conferences on topics of major interest, publishing papers and scientific publications, as well as developing platforms for debates and content, limited to the area of ​​expertise of the Foundation.

Our consultants
The companies specialized in carrying out the Foundation’s programs are affiliated entities, which have the technical, financial and logistical capacity to ensure the standards necessary to carry out the activities.