2000: Amfiteatru Foundation is established

-Affirmation of “superlatives” and awards related to brands: Word, VIP, Holidays & Travel, World of Mysteries, Eu.Ro.Com, popular or professional events.

-Launch of the program “Identities and experiences – vectors of development”
The program was launched together with the series of conferences “The Word”, under the title “Romanian identity – European identity”. The program aims to examine our anthropic and natural heritage, trying to rediscover the sources and resources of Europeanness, to redefine a European cultural identity from the perspective of our own choices and affiliations, to open the debate on other areas of society, where Notable personalities of scientific and cultural life participated both in the country and abroad. We have developed partnerships with those who form opinion and provide models that remake the history of the present and shape the future that begins today: top personalities of cultural, political, economic life, diplomats, university professors, artists, journalists, students, representatives of public authorities, but also ordinary citizens, thus stimulated to problematize and to be active in the space of society development.

-Initiation of the professional-scientific program “Health Romania”
The events are built on the idea of ​​an interactive platform, which invites all actors in the Romanian health system to a professional and transparent dialogue. Thus, starting from the needs identified and expressed by each, coherent, accepted and achievable solutions can be found. Conferences, professional forums, European projects, courses, editorial productions, bring together, in an articulated program, authorities and professionals from the country and abroad.

The first edition of the National Tourism Photography Salon is taking place
The National Tourist Photography Salon is a biannual photography competition. The longest-running profile event, it aims to offer, through images, a vision of Romania’s potential, and to encourage, at the same time, the promotion and practice of responsible tourism.

-The Eu.Ro.Com Program is launched
The status of candidate country and, then, the status of member of the European Union, offered Romanian organizations access to European funds, allocated on the basis of project competition and, from this perspective, we wanted to increase the readiness of organizations in our country . Eu.Ro.Com seminars. they have contributed to a better understanding of the European concept of development, policies, institutions and financial instruments leading to economic and social cohesion and the application of these concepts in drawing up development strategies and budget planning. Since 2010, many of the Foundation’s programs have had resources from European-funded projects accessed and implemented.

-Modernism and Anti-Modernism Conference
The conference brought together important names from the interdisciplinary bibliography of the topic. The dialectic of modernism – antimodernism is one of the keys to European history in the twentieth century, because it has generated worldviews, ideologies, aesthetics, mass movements and political systems ranging from the extreme left to the extreme right. Romania, which contributed to the international development of modernism and anti-modernism, knew their excesses and suffered their consequences, is an extremely interesting case. In order to discuss the Romanian case at the highest level and to integrate it better in the international discussion, the conference took place in Bucharest.

-Formalization of the Health Tourism program
Initiated by the Foundation in 2011, when our first forum dedicated to health tourism took place, the program contributed to the affirmation of theoretical accumulations and the promotion of good practices in the field, through the presence of specialists from representative organizations in the country and abroad.
The program was launched with the first edition of the International Forum for Health Tourism. Its purpose is to capitalize – through tourism – anthropogenic and natural resources with therapeutic value. Romania has a rich natural therapeutic potential, specialists and programs in the field but also internationally recognized traditions.

-Launch of the Responsible Tourism program
The program combines scientific contributions with good practices in the field. We believe that Romania is ready to understand and practice a different type of tourism than mass tourism: responsible tourism. Moreover, we believe that responsible tourism is a solution for Romania.

-Establishment of the Romanian Health Medical Cluster
An essential stage of the “Health Romania” program, the Health Romania Medical Cluster is the first medical cluster in the country established in order to promote the highest level of quality in healthcare provided to patients. It brings together top health facilities, health care providers, professional organizations, higher education institutions and medical tourism facilitators.
The Romania Health Medical Cluster aims to strengthen trust in the quality of medical services, provided by its members, for patients / clients in Romania and abroad.

-Establishment of the Romania Glocala cluster
The main purpose of the cluster is to increase the reputation of communities and to build trust in the quality of the products and services they offer. The cluster initiates and manages local development programs.

-The first edition of the Caleido Theater Festival
Caleido is a platform that encourages cultural and ethnic diversity. The first two editions of the theater festival aimed to celebrate this diversity in all its forms. Both the shows and the Caleido Meetings questioned the variety of realities we live in and how they intertwine.

-Initiation of the Cosy Romania program
Cosy Romania is, in essence, an approach. A necessary step for the awareness of the riches of the patrimony of different civilizations and for the appreciation of their values. Everything for a welcoming, warm, open Romania.
The context was created by the UN designation of 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, for the purpose of economic growth and social and environmental improvement.

-Amfiteatru Foundation becomes a member of ICRT (International Center for Responsible Tourism)
The ICRT is a network that supports the Cape Town Declaration through the collective work and effort of its members, as well as a number of affiliated organizations. ICRT was founded in 2002 by Harold Goodwin, the personality who defined and popularized the concept of Responsible Tourism.

-“Essential Romania” program is launched
The program involves integrated intervention at the local level (community, neighborhood, locality).