Our mission

Amfiteatru Foundation was founded in 2000 with the mission of asserting its identity, a person and a common community in Romania, in the context of challenging the determination of European integration processes and the influences of globalization.

Our actions are based on long term programs designed to community development through human potential and social capital.

Humanism / It is the trait of doing everything we do. It also means identifying, communizing, local action. But, more importantly, it is possible for any project and thought and implemented in the direct community of our administrations, which can be structured in the abstract, but through life and its own dynamics, with inhabitants whose requirements are, ultimately, the motivation comes from at U.S.

Sustainability / Programming and, in general, actions Amphitheater Foundations are thought long-term in the lungs, in order to take care of ambitious are almost small influenced by conjunctures.
The agent for change / Amphitheater Foundation contributes to the adaptation of the necessary community, in terms of change, accept or not – it is a constant, strong and simplified axis in people’s lives.

Pragmatism / Entrepreneurship, results-oriented approach, concretization of actions and measurable are assumed coordinates.

Local action / Global vision, local action.