“Health Romania”
The general objective of the program is to strengthen confidence in the quality and safety of medical services, both for patients in Romania and for those abroad.
The program includes local or European projects, conferences, courses, editorial productions, and supports the professional-scientific approach in the field of quality management in health.

Identities and experiences”
Identity ”is a term widely used today in a society that needs landmarks: cultural identity, religious identity, local, national, regional, professional identity, identity crisis. On the other hand, the economy of experience places new demands on artistic and cultural skills, so identity.

We believe that in order to combat homogenisation and respond to the challenges of globalization and endless economic restructuring, one of the main priorities is the development of identity, not only in terms of culture, but also in terms of the whole system of production and consumption.

Innovation and creativity form the strongest vector of community development and capitalization of their anthropic and natural resources. In this sense, the diversity of communities and resources in Romania is a huge potential for development.

“Productive hospitality through responsible tourism”
The phrase responsible tourism was launched as such relatively recently, in 2002 in Cape Town, during the first international conference on Responsible Destination Tourism. However, the first ideas appeared in the 80’s and over time they crystallized into a viable, relevant and globally recognized concept.

In Romania, the first actions that treated, adapted, disseminated and popularized the concept were initiated by Amfiteatru Foundation starting with 2012, as a result of the continuous concern for affirming the identities and experiences of the communities.

Amfiteatru Foundation initiated this approach out of the conviction that Romania has an acute need for the understanding and propagation of the principles of responsible tourism, for the transfer in concrete action of the theory born around it. For Romania, the solutions for tourism to have a reasonable contribution to the well-being of communities are in the area of ​​responsible tourism.

Responsible tourism is the current solution to the community’s questions about how tourism can contribute to their well-being but also to the rapid inclusion of Romania in global travel circuits.

“Essential Romania – local development platform”
The program involves integrated intervention at the local level (community, neighborhood, locality). The community is not only the place where knowledge and capital accumulate and settle, but also where it is renewed, reproduced and expanded. I agreed with the thesis that the sustainable development of communities and the socio-economic regeneration of the territory is based on history, tradition and natural potential. This results in its identity, which is a competitive value that is difficult to reproduce. In the most recent literature, a territory is in fact defined by the coordination of geographical, natural, landscape, anthropic and historical components. However, in order to be defined / definable as such, a territory needs coherence: local identity.

Development programs favor a creative approach to natural and anthropic potential, which includes lifestyle, crafts, traditional industries and occupations and the results of modernity, community relations with the environment, unique natural resources, local products and services, etc.

The purpose of our platform is to capitalize on territorial resources, through expertise and responsibility, in a multidisciplinary program, able to create business structures at the level of rural and urban communities, integrated in networks for capitalizing on local tangible and intangible production.